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Medicare is Australia’s national health care system, which provides free or subsidised health care services to Australians and permanent residents. Some temporary migrants may also be eligible for Medicare services. If you are eligible for Medicare you have immediate access to health care services andprograms. These include free […]

The Department of Human Services provides social security payments and services through Centrelink. Centrelink helps newly-arrived permanent residents look for work, find courses or training and with the process for overseas skills recognition. Contact Centrelink to find out if you are eligible for a social security payment. Depending on […]

Communicating in English is essential for your successful settlement. If you cannot speak English, you are strongly encouraged to learn as soon as possible. The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) provides English language courses for new arrivals. You may be entitled to receive up to 510 […]

You must enrol your child or children in a school as soon as possible. Contact the school you wish your children to attend to get enrolment forms. You will need to show your travel documents and your child’s immunisation records. Children must have the required […]

In Australia, you must have a driver’s licence to drive and vehicles must be registered. If you drive without a driver’s licence or drive an unregistered vehicle you may be fined and your driver’s licence revoked. Driver’s licences and car registrations are issued by state and […]

In Australia, people keep their money in a bank, building society or credit union. Most income, including salary and wages and government benefits, is paid directly into an account in your name. Australians use debit cards to withdraw money from their bank accounts and for many purchases. […]

A ‘family doctor’ will get to know your family and their health needs, and be your first contact for medical matters. These doctors are called General Practitioners or GPs. They provide general medical assistance for common illnesses and for people with chronic conditions who live at home. […]

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I have read Beginning a Life in Australia I have applied for a tax file number (TFN) / this doesn’t apply to me I have enrolled with Medicare / this doesn’t apply to me I have contacted Centrelink / this doesn’t apply to me I have […]

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