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A crime is any behavior or act that is against the law and may result in punishment. Serious crimes include murder, assault, sexual assault, property damage or theft, armed robbery, having sexual relations with children or young people who are below the legal age of consent, driving dangerously, possession, […]

Violence towards another person is illegal in Australia and is regarded as a serious crime. A person who commits violent crimes can go to jail, whether they are a man or a woman. Various services exist to support victims of crime or violence, including violence in the home (domestic and […]

Domestic and family violence includes behaviour or threats that aim to control a partner or other family member by causing fear or threatening their safety. Domestic and family violence is against the law in Australia. It can include: hitting, choking or hurting the family […]

The legal age of consent is the age that the law says you can agree (consent) to have sex with another person. In most states and territories the legal age of consent is 16 years of age for both men and women. In South Australia and […]

Australia has a strong commitment to protecting the rights of children. Children are protected by law from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and violence, both at home and at school. Reasonable arrangements must be made for the supervision and care of children. Physical discipline such as hitting […]

Where a practice harms or is likely to harm a child or young person, child protection services may become involved to ensure children’s safety and well being. If you or someone you know needs protection from violence or abuse, you should contact the police or a child protection service. For […]

Everyone in Australia is free to choose whether they marry. Forcing anybody to get married is a crime in Australia. A forced marriage is when a person gets married without fully and freely consenting, because they have been threatened, coerced or deceived. Nobody is allowed to physically, emotionally, or […]

The practice of female genital mutilation or cutting (FGM/C) is illegal in Australia. FGM/C includes any procedure that involves the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs, that is performed for non-medical reasons. It is also […]

Carrying weapons such as knives or guns is against the law in Australia. You must have a license to carry or own a gun. There are usually age restrictions on gun use and the sale of guns or knives to minors. Each state and territory has different arrangements […]

Hunting native animals and hunting any animal in national parks or other nature reserves is generally not allowed. Hunting and fishing laws vary between states and territories and you should check what applies to your area. You may be able to hunt feral animals in some regions. You […]

Smoking is a health hazard, and one of the leading causes of death and disease in Australia. Information about tobacco and how to quit smoking is available from health professionals such as doctors and pharmacists. Information is also available from services such as Quitline on 13 7848 […]

If you buy products online, or travel to or from Australia, there are rules about what plants and animals you can purchase or bring with you. Go to To check whether your luggage breaks wildlife laws, go to There are also laws about […]

There is no death penalty in Australia. There are laws against littering, polluting or disposing of wastes without permission or creating excessive noise. Disputes with neighbours Many areas of dispute between neighbours are also subject to laws. There are dispute resolution and mediation services which may help to resolve […]

All states and territories have organisations that inform people of their legal rights and obligations, and improve their access to the justice system. Legal Aid agencies provide legal advice and help to eligible clients on criminal matters, family breakdown, family violence, migration, mental health, social security, debt and traffic […]

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