How It Works

How It Works

How It Works


Step 1: Create your free Potensure account

The sign up video will give you a brief idea of how Potensure can unleash your potential and how Potensure will be useful for you. After the video, complete the sign up form and select the services you need and create your Potensure account. You can add/ remove any service at any time through your Potensure account. You will be able to use your Potensure account free of charge for your entire stay in Australia.

Step 2: Get the knowledge you need

We believe it is important to get the correct knowledge for Australian living. The Potensure Knowledge Hub will give you all the knowledge you need and valuable links you will need in Australia. Potensure knowledge Hub can be accessed through the main navigation. Don’t miss out on this valuable free information that will help you get settled.

Step 3: Choose your provider and deals

Potensure account will be your one stop shop for all your needs. Providers will send quotes/ respond to any inquiries via the account. Students can chose the provider and select the service they need and purchase the relevant services. Potensure is partnered with many service providers in the areas that are most needed for students and Potensure clients receive special offers and deals through our network of providers.

Step 4: Keep your details up-to date and enjoy the benefits

Update your Potensure account with your new information and use your Potensure account for all the services you need throughout your stay in Australia.

Keeping your account details up to date will ensure you get the maximum out of Potensure. This will ensure that providers are able to verify your account and provide special offers/ job seekers will be able to locate your accounts and contact you for jobs and many more benefits.

Enjoy the Benefits and Spread the word

How are we different from anyone else?

Why waste your valuable time searching for the best option for your needs. We will do that for you. The difference is we are able to provide special offers that you will not be able to access or see anywhere else.

How can we provide special offers?

Our Network! It is simple as that. Our network of service providers enables us to access special offers.

Why Potensure is better

Our job is to find your needs and bring them to you with special deals.

We take care of our clients. We are your one stop shop for all essential needs.

Join the Potensure community and see how you can sit back and relax while we work overtime for your benefit!