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Animals and Wildlife

Hunting native animals and hunting any animal in national parks or other nature reserves is generally not allowed.

Hunting and fishing laws vary between states and territories and you should check what applies to your area. You may be able to hunt feral animals in some regions. You may need to have a license or permit or to pay a fee to hunt, and any weapons you use will need to be licensed.

Recreational fishing in the ocean or in rivers may be allowed, usually with a permit or license. There are generally limits on the size and number of fish you may catch.

Australia has laws to protect animals from cruelty and neglect. People who mistreat animals and birds can be fined or imprisoned, or both. Local laws allow animals to be kept at home but you generally need a special license to keep Australian native animals.

It is forbidden to kill animals in the backyard.

See also Chapter 12, Civic Participation.

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