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Apply for a driver’s licence

n Australia, you must have a driver’s licence to drive and vehicles must be registered. If you drive without a driver’s licence or drive an unregistered vehicle you may be fined and your driver’s licence revoked. Driver’s licences and car registrations are issued by state and territory governments.

Most states and territories allow you to drive for the first three months after arrival, if you are a permanent resident and have a current driver’s licence from another country which is in English or has an official translation. See Chapter 3, English language for information on translating documents.

After this initial period, if you want to drive, you will need to get the appropriate Australian driver’s licence. You will need to pass a knowledge test, a practical driving test, and an eyesight test. There are strict traffic and drink driving laws in Australia, which you must obey.

You should always check with the authority in your state or territory:

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