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Apply for a tax file number

Australian workers pay tax to the government on their income. To receive an income in Australia, you need a tax file number (TFN).

A TFN is a unique number issued to individuals and businesses to help the government administer taxation and other government programs. The money collected from taxes is used to fund government programs and services such as roads, schools and hospitals.

Income includes wages or salary from a job, payments from the government, and money earned from investments including interest on savings accounts.

How to apply for a tax file number

If you are migrating to Australia or have a temporary resident visa that allows you to work in Australia, you can apply for a TFN by going to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website, by phoning the ATO or by visiting some ATO Service Centres. The fastest way to get a TFN
is online at – you will need your passport and an Australian address.

If you do not speak English well, contact the translating and interpreting service (TIS National) on 131 450.

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