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Australian citizenship

To become a citizen means that you are making an ongoing commitment to Australia and everything for which it stands. Australian citizenship is a privilege that offers enormous rewards and provides the opportunity to fully participate in our democratic nation.

Most permanent residents seeking to become citizens must meet certain requirements before applying for citizenship. These include living in Australia for a specified period of time and being of good character.

Information about citizenship, eligibility and application forms are at

Most people who apply for Australian citizenship must pass a citizenship test. The citizenship test is based on values within the Pledge of Commitment that new Australians make when becoming citizens. It covers topics such as Australia’s democratic beliefs, the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, and government and Australian law. To prepare for the test, read the citizenship test resource book at

If you are successful, you will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony. At the ceremony, most adult applicants will be required to make the Pledge of Commitment.

After becoming an Australian citizen, you may apply for an Australian passport. If you continue to hold the citizenship of another country as well as your Australian citizenship, you should travel in and out of Australia using your Australian passport.

For more information or to apply for an Australian passport, go to
Future children and Australian citizenship

In most cases, any child or children born to you in Australia while you are a permanent resident will automatically acquire Australian citizenship at birth. If these children need an Australian passport, you will need to obtain evidence of their Australian citizenship by lodging a Form 119 – Application for evidence of Australian citizenship. You should take this into account before booking travel.

Further information and access to Form 119 is available on the DIBP website at

Australian citizens aged 18 or over must enrol to vote. You can enrol at your citizenship ceremony. You can also enrol at 17 years, to be ready to vote once you turn 18.

Electoral enrolment forms are available at post offices, Australian Electoral Commission offices and the Australian Electoral Commission website. You only need to complete one form to enrol for federal, state and territory elections and most local government elections.

Every time you change address you must complete a new enrolment form.

For more information, phone the Australian Electoral Commission on 13 2326 or go to

For more information please go to 

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