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Centrelink delivers payments and services for job seekers. You may be eligible to receive an income support payment if you are looking for work, completing approved studies or undertaking approved activities.

To help you find work, Centrelink may refer you to an Employment Services Provider like jobactive or Disability Employment Services. If you live in a remote location you may be referred to a Community Development Program provider.

Jobactive connects job seekers with employers and is delivered by providers in over 1,700 locations across Australia. jobactive providers tailor their services to their clients’ needs. They work with local employers, registered training organisations, government, community and health organisations to help clients find work.

You can receive help to access training and work experience, relocation assistance, wage subsidies, training, apprenticeships or the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme for help starting a new business. Help for jobseekers is available at

Your jobactive provider will help you create a Job Plan, which sets out what you need to do to find and keep a job. This may include writing a resume, getting work experience and gaining new skills or qualifications.

If you are a refugee or humanitarian entrant, you are entitled to all employment services from the day you arrive. Other migrants may be eligible for more limited employment services. Contact Centrelink for more information.

To find your local jobactive provider go to

Anyone legally entitled to work in Australia (including visitors to Australia with appropriate work visas) can do harvest work, which involves picking fruit and other crops in regional areas. Harvest Labour Services providers deliver services through jobactive.

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