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Australia is a diverse society. The variety of clothing worn reflects this diversity. Many people dress casually or informally for comfort or according to the social situation or climate. Others choose to wear traditional clothes, which may be religious or customary, particularly on special occasions.

There are few laws or rules on clothing, although there are requirements to wear certain clothing in different workplaces and in particular places. For example, safety boots and hard hats must be worn for safety reasons on construction sites, and police, military and staff of some businesses wear uniforms.

Australia has a high incidence of preventable skin cancer. Protective clothing and hats reduce the risk of skin cancer. Many schools require children to wear hats as part of their school uniform. For more sun protection information, go to

Clubs, movie theatres and other places may require patrons to be in neat, clean clothing and appropriate shoes.

Women and men may wear clothing that does not cover their entire bodies. This is normal in western countries and does not mean they wish to attract attention.

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