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Community short courses

Adult and Community Education (ACE) offers educational courses in local communities for people over 15 years. ACE courses are usually very flexible and suit people of varying abilities and backgrounds. Typically, course duration is two to three hours weekly, over six to eight weeks, or full-day workshops. Often courses are held in the evening or on weekends.

ACE courses do not usually result in qualifications, but they may provide a pathway to more formal education and work-related training. ACE can also provide work-related skills and credentials or satisfy personal, lifestyle or social needs.

Some short courses are accredited and designed to provide knowledge and skills, for example in art, information technology, small business, other languages and sport.

Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and Vocational Education Training (VET) organisations may offer short accredited courses as well as non-accredited short courses that have no formal assessment.

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