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Criminal offences

A crime is any behaviour or act that is against the law and may result in punishment.

Serious crimes include murder, assault, sexual assault, property damage or theft, armed robbery, having sexual relations with children or young people who are below the legal age of consent, driving dangerously, possession, use or sale of illegal drugs, and fraud. It is a serious offence to bribe (offer money to) or attempt to bribe an official, such as a police officer or a federal, state or local government employee. Offering gifts or bribes to influence the decisions of public officials is illegal and will be reported.

Owning or carrying weapons, such as guns, without a licence is illegal. Most states and territories have restrictions on carrying other potential weapons in public, such as knives.

In an emergency or if you or someone is in immediate danger, telephone 000 and ask for “Police”. See Chapter 2, Get Help.

If you have seen a crime or if you have information that may help police solve or prevent a crime, you should contact Crime Stoppers at or call 1800 333 000. You do not have to give your name.

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