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Enrol with Medicare

Medicare is Australia’s national health care system, which provides free or subsidised health care services to Australians and permanent residents. Some temporary migrants may also be eligible for Medicare services.

If you are eligible for Medicare you have immediate access to health care services and
programs. These include free public hospital care, help with the cost of out-of-hospital care, and subsidised medicines.

For information on Medicare Services, go to or visit
your local Medicare Service Centre.
How to enrol with Medicare

To enrol with Medicare, go to a Medicare Service Centre with your passport and other travel documents. If you meet all requirements, you will be given a temporary Medicare card number. You will receive your Medicare card in the post approximately three weeks later. You must let Medicare know if you change your home or postal address.

Emergency medical treatment is available 24 hours a day at Emergency departments of public hospitals.

There are many private health insurance funds that offer insurance for services not covered by Medicare, for example, most dental care, most optical care and ambulance transport in most states and territories.

See, Health and Wellbeing for more information.

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