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Newspapers, television and radio

Most newsagencies in major shopping centres have newspapers in a variety of languages. If they do not have the particular language or newspaper you want, ask them to order it.

There are many television channels that are free, including the two public broadcasters (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC – and Special Broadcasting Service (SBS – You do not need a television licence or subscription to watch “free to air” services.

Other television services require paid subscription (“pay television” or “pay TV”). Before signing any contract for communication services, make sure that you can afford to pay for the service and it suits your needs and living arrangements. Don’t sign for a long contract if you are only renting for a short period. Do not sign up to a pay television subscription service to watch free-to-air shows.

Many TV channels offer “catch up” programming, where you can watch shows online. However, watching online uses up substantial data, and if you exceed your data allowance it can become very expensive.

“Streaming” services are also available in Australia, such as Netflix, Presto and Stan. These charge a monthly fee for accessing a program library. You will need a fast broadband connection to watch these services. Be aware that watching them takes a lot of data, particularly on mobile phones, which may become expensive.

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) television and radio stations have programs in many different community languages. Weekly programs are listed in metropolitan newspapers and online.

Ethnic radio stations can be found at the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council ( or
Phone- 03 9486 9549.

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