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Noise refers to loud sounds that disturb people, such as dogs barking, or neighbours playing loud music or using power tools.

There are laws that protect Australians from excessive noise. Regulations vary across states and territories, but noisy activities should be avoided before 7.00am and after 11.00pm.

Talk to your neighbour if their noise is affecting you. Your neighbour may be unaware of the effect of their noise. In general, Australians are tolerant of occasional noise and resolve noise problems by talking about it. However, if the noise is frequent, excessively loud or occurs early in the morning or late at night, and talking about it has not helped, you can complain to the local council, the state or territory environment authority, or the police.

Tell your neighbours if you are planning noisy activities such as renovations or a party. People are usually less annoyed if they know in advance when the noise will start and end, and who to approach if it causes a problem. See also , Australian Law

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