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Australian universities are among the best in the world. An undergraduate degree course
usually takes three years to complete, but there are also double-degrees and post-graduate
studies that take longer. Some courses have distance (online) learning and part-time options.
Universities may also offer shorter professional development courses.
To learn more about Australia’s education system:
 if you are considering migrating to Australia or to study in Australia, go to
 if you are a domestic student or humanitarian visa holder, go to
Call 131 450
If you would like to compare Australian higher education institutions and study areas, you can
do so at
For information about entry requirements, admissions and courses, you should contact your
intended university or the tertiary admissions centre in your state or territory (at
Students with limited English should contact their university and check the level of English
required for their course. You may need to enrol in an English language program before
starting university, to ensure your English is good enough to study there.
University course costs vary depending on the university and course. Before you enrol, you
should consider what the total course cost will be, how you will pay for it, and how you will
pay for books, accommodation and general living costs.
To help domestic students study at university, the Government subsidises university places
and provides access to the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) for eligible students. If
eligible, you do not have to pay tuition fees upfront but can repay your HELP loan through the
taxation system once your income meets the minimum repayment threshold. These
thresholds are indexed annually and can be found at StudyAssist (

International student support

Your education and training institution is your first point of contact for support while you are
studying in Australia. You can find settlement information for international students at and at these sites:

For more information please go to 

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