Our services

Our services



  • Potensure is a company that provides essential services to students.
  • Potensure connects students and service providers under one platform.
  • We ensure students get the best deals from our service providers. These deals are only available to Potensure clients.
  • Every student will get their own account and it's free.
  • The student account that is created at time of sign up is your one stop shop for all the services. Your personalised student account will allow you to communicate directly with the service providers and organise your essential needs even while you’re still in your home country.
  • Our knowledge hub will provide you necessary information that you need to know prior to purchasing any service.


Potensure will direct you to relevant sources and provide guided instructions on how to source your preferred accommodation option.

Our knowledge hub will provide more information on what you need to know prior to finding accommodation.

If you need an extra hand to finalize a place to stay, then check out our Potensure Premium Accommodation service.


The student account allows you to include your availability to work and the preferred locations. Job providers and agencies will often search on our website for suitable candidates, if your profile matches their requirements they will let you know they are interested in you which will be provided as a notification to you. You can then contact the agency or provider to get more details of the job. It is easy and you don’t have to go in search of jobs, the jobs will come in search of you.

It is important to have all your contact details up to date as agents and job providers will time to time contact you directly for vacancies.

Mobile Phone Packages

Potensure is partnered with leading telecommunication providers for mobile phones and packages. Students will have the opportunity to select the type of plan or phone even prior to arriving in Australia. This can be done via the student account. This will allow you to have your mobile phone or package ready and activated on the day of your arrival. Also Potensure clients receive special offers from our affiliated partners.

Refer to the knowledge hub or ask the providers for more details on what you need to know about mobile phones and packages.

Airport Pickups

You can book your airport pick up via the student account. All Potensure drivers are cleared to work by police checks and we hold the records of all our drivers. You will receive the details and a picture of the driver via your account prior to your arrival. This way you know who is picking you up and do not have to worry about your safety. Our number one priority is your comfort and safety.


Students looking for vehicles can request quotes from the student account. Why waste time going through multiple website for quotes when you can have all our providers send quotes with a click of a button?

You can simply pick which ones you like and inquire more directly from the provider via the student account. Potensure is partnered with multiple car dealers in Victoria and our clients receive discounts from our providers. You can make payments and reserve vehicles via the student account if needed even prior to arriving in Australia. Providing every student with a reliable and safe car at an affordable price is our focus.

Please refer to the knowledge hub to understand what you need to know before purchasing a vehicle.

Money transfer

Your student account allows you to request for money transfer services. Potensure is partnered with a global money transfer agent who will provide safe and secure money transfer services at competitive rates and minimum transaction fees. It is a simple and hassle free process.

Air Ticketing

Students can request for air ticket quotes via the student account. We are partnered with multiple travel agents who will send quotes to you via the student account. This way you will have multiple quotes to choose from and with special offers. Why waste time browsing through multiple websites when you can get all the travel agents to send quotes with a click of a button?

Loan facilities

Potensure is partnered with leading loan brokers in Australia. Students who meet certain criteria may be eligible for loans and can request for support from our affiliated loan brokers via the student account. The loan brokers will then respond back via the account and attend to your needs.

Tax Agents

Potensure is partnered with registered tax agents. Students can request for tax services via the student account and our agents will respond immediately and attend to your needs. Tax agents will help with preparation of the Tax File Number/ Australian Business Number. Potensure affiliated tax agents will also provide special discounts during the tax season.

migration lawyers

Students who have completed their studies and need assistance in applying for post study work visa, PR or any other visa can request for migration agent services from the student account. Potensure is affiliated with registered migration agents who can provide accurate and up to date information.

Car Rentals

Students can request for car rental services at affordable prices via the student account. Rental companies will respond with different options and you have the option to select the one that suits you best.


Total Care

If you require an extra hand to get your basic needs organized as soon as you arrive, go for our total care package. We will pick you from the airport and will do everything to make you settle in this new country within a day. If your parents are worried about you coming to this new country alone or if u feel like there should be someone to give you a hand with everything when you get here, then the Total Care package is for you.

Students can request for Total care packages via the student account.