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Total Care 

One Stop Shop For All Your Needs



     If you want some extra care from us and if you want us to pamper you when you get here, go for our Total Care package.         We will pick you from the airport and will do everything to make you settle in this new country within a day. If your parents         are worried about you coming to this new country alone or if u feel like there should be someone to give you a hand with           everything when you get here, then the Total Care package is for you. Students can request for Total Care packages via t.       the student account.


     Assistance with securing a suitable accommodation 

     A dedicated Potensure team member will help you to find a suitable accommodation option. We will communicate with the       landlords and real estate agents on behalf of you and help you find the most suitable accommodation to your needs.

     Airport pickup

     One of our dedicated drivers will be there at the airport to welcome you and take you to your destination.

     Phone/ Mobile connection on arrival 

     Your new phone or sim plan will be made available and activated to you at the airport (Requires pre booking ). The sim will       be activated immediately ( You will need to collect the SIM card from your education consultant and will have to get in               contact with the telecommunication provider through Potensure before leaving your home country).

     Helping with opening of bank accounts

     Potensure driver will take you to a bank, to open up your Australian bank account.

     Guidance with use of Public transportation 

     Potensure driver will get you a public transport card, and will take you to a train station (close to your accommodation )             and will guide you through on how to use public transport in Australia.

     Assistance with shopping for initial groceries 

     Potensure driver will take you to a shopping centre to buy the initial groceries you will be needing on your arrival.

Total care package price will differ due to your arrival time in Australia 

Day Time Arrival


Night Time Arrival


Please speak to a Potensure team member to get more information about the total care package. 

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