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Responsibilities and values

The freedom and equality we enjoy in Australia depends on everyone fulfilling their responsibilities. You are expected to be loyal to Australia, support our democratic way of life and help maintain Australia’s values and traditions of acceptance, inclusion and fairness for all.

Our citizenship values are the basis for Australia’s free and democratic society. They include support for:

parliamentary democracy
the rule of law
living peacefully
respect for all individuals regardless of background
compassion for those in need
freedom of speech and freedom of expression
freedom of association
freedom of religion and secular government
equality of the individual, regardless of characteristics such as disability and age
equality of men and women
equality of opportunity.

The responsibilities of Australian citizens include:

obeying the law
voting in federal and state or territory elections, and in a referendum
defending Australia should the need arise
serving on a jury if called to do so

For more information on Australian Citizenship, go to and read the Australian Citizenship Test Resource Book Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond.

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